Consult & Recommendations

If your hearing evaluation uncovers that you have hearing loss, we will go through your detailed results to educate you on your particular type of impairment. Education is a powerful tool and we want you to know about all of your options before choosing the solution that’s right for you. We pride ourselves on making your hearing consultation an individualized process, where we take lifestyle, audiological, and budgetary needs into consideration.

After the consultation, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • How to use them
  • How to put them in correctly
  • How to remove them properly
  • How to change batteries
  • How to clean them

With a proper fitting, many patients learn to adjust to their new hearing devices quickly. The sounds should be clear, comfortable, and pleasant. Adapting to your new aids isn’t a one size fits all process, and we look forward to working with you and your family.