Opn is Oticon’s newest and most advanced hearing aid to date.  It represents a leap forward in hearing care by combining breakthrough technologies that enables users to hear better with less listening effort.  By employing an ‘open sound’ approach, users can now focus on a conversation while staying attentive to people and things around them.

Opn Rechargeable  

Opn is also available as a rechargeable.  Users can now free themselves from disposable batteries with a rechargeable hearing aid that is both sleek and efficient.  And if you forget to charge your batteries – it’s no problem.  Oticon’s Opn Rechargeable allows you to swap the rechargeable batteries for your regular ones.

Opn Tinnitus Relief  

Tinnitus SoundSupport™ is available in all Oticon Opn styles and performance levels. Choose from a variety of relief sounds, including the popular ocean-like sounds, that can be adjusted to your personal preferences.


‘If This Then That’.  IFTTT is an app from Oticon that allows you to automate your world by connecting your hearing aids through Bluetooth.  Connect your home, Keep in Touch, Be More Productive and Stay Healthy.  To learn more about IFTTT, visit www.ifttt.com.


Dynamo is Oticon’s most innovative super power hearing instrument to date.  It is a powerful advance in hearing technology for meeting the challenges of severe-to-profound hearing loss.  In Dynamo, Oticon’s Brain Hearing™ technology makes spoken sound more understandable; preserves the clarity of speech; and delivers sound in the way your brain, with its unique hearing profile, is best able to understand it.

Connectline and Streamer Pro

ConnectLine makes it easy and convenient to use Oticon hearing instruments as a personal wireless headset, enabling better connections with people, information and entertainment. 

Features and Functions

  • Wireless connections to TV, landlines, cell phones and more
  • Easy to select streaming sources
  • Discreet remote control for hearing instruments

ConnectLine Devices

  • Streamer Pro: the gateway to wireless connections
  • TV Adapter: for comfortable TV viewing
  • Microphone: for one-on-one conversations
  • Phone Adapter: simple connections to landline phones