Clear Choice Hearing Clinic provides hearing testing and hearing aid fittings for infants and children who are having a wide range of hearing disorders. There are many benefits to providing your child with the highest level of hearing healthcare possible, such as:

  • Early identification and early intervention of a hearing loss increases a child’s ability develop speech and language skills to a more developmental level
  • Education and support for families as they make decisions for their child
  • Providing amplification or an assistive listening devices helps a child hear more clearly
  • Help children communicate better during conversations
  • Provide strategies for listening in noisy and difficult environments
  • Provide information to the family about the child’s hearing loss and amplification options that are available

We want our pediatric care to create therapeutic opportunities for children in their everyday lives. To ensure this, our services must extend past our office walls. Allow us to create a treatment plan that best suits your family and child. We’re here to help!