Cerumen Management

Cerumen, also known as ‘earwax,’ is a substance that is naturally produced by the glands in your ears and serves a few key functions:

  •  Lubricates the ear canals
  •  Keeps dust and debris out

In some cases, cerumen may begin to accumulate and cause a blockage. Some symptoms of blockages include:

  •  Earache
  •  Ringing in the ears (also known as tinnitus)
  •  Hearing loss
  •  Ear pressure

We recommend that you do not try to remove earwax your own. Most people will try to use Q-tips to remove any blockages, yet often times the Q-tip can actually push the blockage further down the canal causing more serious problems.

There are also home earwax removal kits that are available at most drug stores. While these are generally safe, it is highly suggested that you speak with our office before trying anything at home. We have special tools and training in safely removing these types of blockages.

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, please contact us today.