With over 20 years of experience, Clear Choice Hearing Clinic is dedicated to helping you on the path to better hearing. We take a unique and personalized approach, making sure that each patient’s needs are respected and that we educate you in every area of your hearing health.

We understand that healthy hearing means more than just tuning in to the sounds around you; it’s how you experience your day to day activities and the life you enjoy. Our approach is one that places your success at the forefront, because our office always aims for complete patient satisfaction.

Let us help you overcome your hearing loss and starting living your life in full audio!


Today’s hearing aids are so advanced that there are a variety of features between hearing aid styles and brands. We will help you decide which hearing aid style and brand will be best for your hearing health!

Hearing Evaluations

A hearing evaluation is the initial means to diagnose your individual hearing needs and allows us to determine the best approach to put you on the path to better hearing.


Adapting to hearing devices can be difficult; however, you will have a hearing healthcare professional ready to provide you with accurate programming for your new device.



At Clear Choice Hearing Clinic, we are committed to providing our patients with honest recommendations about treatments for your hearing loss. You’ll always have peace of mind that we fully inform and educate everyone we work with.


Our staff has over 20 years of combined experience, and we truly love what we do. We treat each patient like they’re family, and we always aim to go the extra mile. It’s our passion for helping those with hearing loss that sets us apart.


The treatment you receive at Clear Choice Hearing Clinic is personalized and takes all of your needs into consideration. We take this approach because we truly care about making sure our patients are set up for success.


Treating hearing loss isn’t a one size fits all process. We take an individualized approach with every patient we see and never rush you out the door. Our goal is to be available for all of your questions and to support you through this process.

Patient Success

Using hearing aids can sometimes come with a learning curve, and we want to empower our patients with all of the information they’ll need to be successful. Think of us as your support system as you get used to this transition.


Clear Choice Hearing Clinic is committed to your complete satisfaction from the moment you schedule your appointment to your final hearing aid fitting and beyond. Your happiness means that we are doing our job right!


We take pride in the excellent service and care we provide. But don’t take our word for it! Take a peek at the many grateful patients who have called Clear Choice .

  • Alina L

    I have been referring patients to Nina for years and years (I'm an internist). When the time came for me to get a hearing aid, I knew exactly where I was going! It was amazinly easy, and Nina is so careful and detail-oriented nothing was left uncovered

  • Joni E

    Thank you for taking such good care of my husband!

  • Simin M

    Dr. Sami is a very caring and experienced audiologist. She provides quality service in a friendly and professional environment.

  • Sandra D

    I've worked with Nina before and she is the kindness and caring person I know. She has great knowledge in her field and will do everything she can to help you. Her office help is the best too.

  • Dorothy D

    I am so happy with my hearing aids and so thankful for having you as my audiologist